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yo if you suspect someone is queer, sexuality or gender-wise, dont force them to come out to you. if they deny it and come out later on, dont question them on why they “lied” to you. they will do it when they feel comfortable, and are not responsible if they feel intimidated, threatened, or endangered in some situations. everybody has their own time, so dont push others

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"You make me feel something I absolutely cannot feel."

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It’s those kind of technical things that are so awesome in the show and are just really funny to film because you look so ridiculous. We would just burst out in laughter after the take because we looked so ridiculous. – Kathryn Alexandre 

get to know me meme  → [2/5] female characters: effy stonem
"hit me! just once, i wanna feel something.

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You can.

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"you’ve ruined it" - Emily

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Running over the same old ground, what have we found? The same old fear.. Wish you were here. (X)

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